The emergence of a variety of wireless standards and related applications has invoked the need for creating skilled man power in various domains of Wireless Technologies. There is a dearth for manpower with good knowledge especially in the physical layer which encompasses the Antennas, RF systems and Base band processing. This could be easily addressed by companies by training the available manpower in focused areas of wireless technologies based on the requirements.

TTSL offers customized and cost effective training on different areas of Antennas, RF and Base band processing to meet your specific needs. A straightforward and easy to understand approach is adopted, emphasizing the practical aspects of RF and wireless communications components and systems. Each of our trainings are tailor made and would cater to your specific skill set requirements.

Offered by highly experienced experts in different domains, our training combines theoritical and practical approach, the latest tools and technology, and the most appropriate training media for participants. Trainings would be a perfect sandwich of basic theory, sate of art, implementation steps, practical implementation and validation by testing.

Training could be organized both at the industry premises and at the TIFAC premises based on the convenience and the nature of the trainings. Trainings would be followed up by evaluation of performance and issue of certificates on the underwent trainings.

Training Areas   

We offer trainings on the following areas to group of professionals from industry, students and faculty from educational institutions and group of individuals with domain interest.

  • Antenna design.
  • Antenna measurements.
  • RF Circuit modeling and design.
  • RF system design.
  • RF measurements.
  • Base band algorithms and Implementation.