EMF Testing

EMF refers to electro-magnetic field which is a combination of electric and magnetic field which is widely spread throughout the space. This field propagates in the form of waves and is produced mainly because of charges and its movement.
World Health Organization has established a non-governmental organization called the International Commission for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) which has developed certain standards for Exposure to EMF from all the sources of EMF including the mobile phone base stations, Radio antennas, Access points etc.

The man-made sources of EMF include

  • TV and Radio stations
  • Mobile phone handsets and base stations
  • WLAN, Wi-Fi, WI Max and Bluetooth systems
  • Microwave ovens

TTSL offers EMF testing services for cellular operators, organizations, industries, schools, colleges and individuals at their site locations as per the National and International Guidelines. TTSL offers unique value added EMF testing services that involve careful identification of critical areas of exposure, detailed and accurate data collection and an extensive and broader coverage report.

We use professional quality portable system for EMF survey which covers a wide frequency range and has high measurement accuracy. Equipped with an isotropic antenna, the measurement system is easy to operate and carries out measurements independently of direction and polarization. Owing to the high sensitivity and wide dynamic range of the system, even low field strengths can be accurately measured and emissions far below can be detected. 

   Types of Measurement

We offer both broadband and frequency selective measurements as per the TEC recommendations for Cellular operators and customized measurements for general public as per requirements.

  • Broadband measurements
    • Contributions by overall radiation level – FM, TV, GSM-900 , GSM- 1800 & 3G, WLAN, WiFi
  • Frequency Selective Measurements
    • Done when broadband measurements are greater than 10 % of the prescribed ICNIRP values.
    • Operator specific and Channel specific measurements.  
   Measured Parameters 
  • Peak E field strengths with the corresponding frequencies.
  • Graphs of Peak E fields over entire frequency range from 30 MHz to 3 GHz.
  • Peak Power Density values with the corresponding frequencies.
  • Log data of Maximum field strength over 6 minute time period.
  • Combined E and H field strengths for multi-operator.  
   Measurement Reports 

A well analyzed report will be generated after the survey and testing are completed which will comply with the standards.The report will specify,

  • All the numerical data pertaining to the technical parameters taken into consideration for measuring the EMF exposure from the specified BTS.
  • List of all the standards based on which measurements of EMF exposure was carried out.
  • The plots of the peak values and the images of different locations where EMF survey have been conducted.The plots of the peak values and the images of different locations where EMF survey have been conducted.