TIFAC CORE in Wireless Technologies

The TIFAC Core in Wireless Technologies at Thiagarajar College of Engineering, a 54 year government aided autonomous institute was established in the year 2003 with an objective to create a state of art infrastructure and to produce trained man power in the emerging area of Wireless Technologies. The TIFAC Core has got state of art laboratories in RF systems and Baseband Processing established with the generous support from Mission REACH program of DST and the College management.     

The research team at the TIFAC core has a mixed team experience research professionals and young aspiring minds. More than 30 percent of the team members are doctorates in different areas of wireless and most of the remaining team members are post graduates in wireless. The team has published close to 20 papers in international research journals, 80 papers in various international conferences and applied for a Indian and US patent on base station phase shifters.  

   Vision & Objectives

To become world class training, research and product development centre in wireless technologies.

  • To generate trained manpower in emerging Wireless Technologies.
  • To train Engineers from industries and government organizations in the area of wireless system design and testing.
  • To carryout collaborative research and product development in the allied areas of wireless technologies. 
   Equipment / Facilities

The Laboratories have facilities for design, fabrication and testing of RF systems and sub systems like antennas, mixers, filters, amplifiers, up /down convertors and transceivers and for wireless applications. The Center has a unique Indoor antenna test and measurement facility which can be used for passive and active characterization of any radiating device including antennas validated by the Cellular Telecommunication and Internet Association (CTIA). The EMI/ EMC facility to measure the radiation and conduction emission and susceptibility of electronic devices is also available in the centre. 

   Software Infrastructure

   Hardware Infrastructure

RF Testing Equipments

  • Agilent Vector Network Analyzer (10KHz – 20GHz)
  • Agilent Spectrum Analyzer (9KHz - 26.5GHz)
  • Agilent Spectrum Analyzer (10KHz-3GHz)
  • Rhode & Schwarz Signal Generator (20GHz)
  • Agilent Vector Signal Generator & WLAN personality
  • Agilent 2 Channel Infiniium Oscilloscope (1GHz) 

Fabrication Facility

  • LPKF PCB Prototype machine

Antenna Test Facilities

  • Emerson & Cuming Anechoic Chamber (800 MHz to 18 GHz)
  • Orbit FR Antenna Measurement System
  • Wireless Communications Test Set (CDMA / GSM)
  • Outdoor Antenna Range (800 MHz to 6 GHz)